Friday, September 30, 2011

Far from perfect and perfectly fine with that

Our toy closet is a disaster.  Like you can't even walk in there to get something half the time.  About 10 days out of the month I get the kids' clean clothes in the morning out of a basket instead of their closet because they haven't been hung up yet.  I have no idea how working moms or single moms do it.  This IS my full-time job and I have the help of a partner some of the time and I still don't have it all together.  Maybe because I don't worry or stress and I'm content with things being done as opposed to being perfect. 

I think if your marriage is intact and you pay attention to its needs, the kids are happy and loved, your house is maintained and you are a good role model with responsibility, the rest is gravy.  Right?  Even though I yell at my kids, am always a few days behind in laundry, and turn on the tv too often I still feel like I'm doing my job just fine.  Perfection is not my goal.  Niether is being Superwoman or Supermom.  Mainly because the headdress looks completely ridiculous on me.


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