Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another E.R. visit. Ugh, lame.

I have become the Girl with the Medical Issues.  2 kidney stones since February, emergency gall bladder surgery, taking a Lupus drug for an unknown connective tissue disease which wracks my body but has no name.  I'll be 36 years old in a few weeks.  That's crazy to have all that at this age.

I decided this summer that this school year my full-time job (other than wife and mommy and Keeper of the House) is to work out.  That's it.  Just work out.  Not lose 30 pounds, not be a size whatever by Christmas - just to work out.  So far, so good.  There is no reason why, even if I remain heavier than I'd like, that I can't be more healthy and more fit. 

For 5 days now I've had what I thought was kidney pain and a horrible headache.  Last night after the kids went to bed I decided to go to the ER (per the suggestion of the Kaiser nurse lady on the phone).  I just knew it was a kidney stone and was, after 5 days, pissed and irritated and uncomfortable.  Long story short - I got there at 7:55pm.  I was seen at 11:15pm and I was discharged at 12:20am.  4 and a half hours in the ER and after a few tests were done you know what my diagnosis is?  A PULLED MUSCLE.  A freaking pulled muscle.  Right on the side of my back, low where my kidney is.  I was relieved but embarrassed.  I sat there that whole time for them to tell me it was a pulled muscle.  That may be why after working out yesterday morning it seemed to flare up.  It's all kind of making sense.  Ugh, lame. 

This situation has made me realize that because of the issues I've had the last few months that I kinda freak when I have a new symptom.  I'm gonna be one of those.  Like the lady I listened to cry and wimper and look around to see who was watching her before she'd continue on last night in the ER for THREE AND A HALF HOURS. 



  1. Poor thing! You shouldn't be embarrassed because the pain was in an area that has issues in the past. I guess you've been Zumbaing your butt off. :)

  2. Don't feel bad. Remember when I was whining about abdominal pain earlier this year and I went in for an ultrasound that showed nothing? Well, I think the pain was from how I was sitting on the couch and my laptop was pressing into my stomach...

  3. Dude. Im so in the same boat. I am obsessed with symptoms and their meaning and my imminent demise

  4. I don't blame you for going to the ER considering the many things you've had going on with your body! Better to be safe then sorry.. I commend you on your efforts to get fit.. not just to lose weight but just to be HEALTHY! awesome. hang in there :)


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