Thursday, September 8, 2011

Duran Duran, Finally Finally

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Ok, you're back?  Good.

We loved 3 bands.  Like, LOVED 3 bands.  New Kids on the Block, U2 and Duran Duran.  Every single one of their songs defines an event and a time in our lives.  We can name the year it came out, the grade we were in, and a memory of something we were doing while it played.  That goes for every song each of the bands ever sang.  I'm not kidding. 

In 1989 we saw New Kids in concert.  It was their Christmas show and it was totally rad.  In 1992 we saw U2 and had nearly front row seats.  Public Enemy and Bjork opened and it was killer, for reals.  Poor Duran Duran, they never had the chance to have US, Susan and Ashley, attend one of their concerts. 

UNTIL NOW, that is!  HOLLA!

Susan is FLYING here from St. Louis so that we can go to this concert together. It's at a winery in the bay area, a somewhat intimate setting.  Mom has bought the tickets for us for my 36th birthday and we're totally gonna rock that upscale venue like we're 16 again. 

1985, 4th grade, swimming in Susan's backyard with the radio in the livingroom turned up all the way.



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