Sunday, September 11, 2011

F - I - V - E!

Today was supposed to be William's due date.  In January of 2006 my doctor told me my second baby was to be due on September 11.  I said, "I don't like that date.  Let's say my due date is the 12th."  She said, "You can say whatever you want but your baby is due on September 11th."  He was 2 days late and was born on September 13th, which makes Tuesday his 5th birthday. 

We celebrated his birthday yesterday with some of our family, our close friends, and some of William's classmates (and teachers!).  We had a pirate waterslide party and it was loads of fun.  And it was hot.  But mostly it was FUN!

I didn't use my camera much or capture many individual pictures of our guests but here are a couple of the pictures of the day.  *Thanks to Misty for taking some of these!*

This ain't your mama's slip-n-slide.

You could feel the friendship and love!

Homemade pirate cupcakes.  They were yummy.  All 72 of them!

Drew decorated and made a sign for the bathroom door for our guests.

Singing time.



Peters Party of 4 at William's 1st birthday.  Ahhh, seems like yesterday.

I LOVE that Lauren wore to William's 5th birthday the same dress that Drew wore to William's 1st birthday. 

  William is looking forward to Tuesday so that he can have cake for breakfast, he can bring sharing to school, and we can go to the library after school to get his library card.  I'm looking forward to it for all of those reasons, too.  Mostly the cake for breakfast part.  It'll be a happy day.
I'm so proud of that little boy.


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  1. Happy Birthday William!

    My Mom's bday is September 11th (and my cousin's too). It's just her birthday to me!


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