Friday, May 28, 2010


I have one brother, Brandon.  He's pretty awesome.  He has one daughter, Emily.  She's totally awesome.  Emily is four years old, just 11 months older than William.  They live 4 hours away and with life and jobs and space and life we just don't see each other all that often.  That needs to change, 4 hours just isn't that far.  Brandon brought Emily to come visit last weekend and we had a great time.  Drew and William looked forward to it for weeks and asked often how many more night-nights until Emily arrived.  They finally did arrive on a Friday afternoon and left on Sunday afternoon.  In those 48 hours we fit in quite a lot of fun.  Here is our visit in pictures.  And yes, I am aware that Emily and William look like twins.  It's pretty neat.

Popsicles in the morning?  Craziness.

If Lauren could talk she would have said, "Um, Uncle Brandon, this is my chair."

William wanted to ride with Uncle Brandon to dinner


We rode the escalator.  A lot.

Lauren, Drew, Emily, William

First slumber party for all three and it was successful!

We walked to Starbucks Saturday morning.

We played a lot in the backyard

We made projects at the kitchen table

We had a picnic lunch

We went bowling

Brandon helped the big girls plant flowers

Brandon nearly bounced Drew out of the trampoline

More popsicles, this time in front of the fire

William was looking forward to being silly with Uncle Brandon

The girls gave each other pedicures, sans nail polish.  Don't be jelli of my bathroom.

We took a walk in the rain after dinner.  Love how Drew is barefoot.  Never even noticed in that moment.

After bath storytime.  We had so much fun with this story.


Uncle Brandon taught William how to "pull my finger" which William and Drew now do amongst themselves and then make lovely noises with their mouths if they don't do the real thing.  Uncle Brandon also taught them to sing, "Who let the frogs out?" after someone toots or burps.  I had a tight lid on the poop and pee humor until now...  but I have to admit that when I hear William in the bathroom sing, "Who let the frogs out?  Who? Who who who who?" all by himself, I laugh out loud.

We can't wait for them to come back.  We did so much in such a short amount of time and there is so much more to do! 

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