Monday, May 31, 2010

Halloween conversation. In June.

William loves to talk. I've written about that before.  Sometimes we'll have conversations and I turn the camera on just to catch them.  I know these moments really are fleeting and I hope to someday look back at these little conversations with such fond memories.

William and I had previously been talking about President Obama and how, "You know how he has a black face, mommy?  Like Elijah at school?"  I was kind of hoping that conversation would continue but it didn't.  Instead it turned to Halloween.  Believe it or not, this is William talking with very little enthusiasm.  This easily could have involved standing up, acting it out, and major hand motions.  He kind of kept it to just his eyebrows during this conversation.  

I'm stoked that I may have an out this Halloween.  I mean, if he really doesn't want me to make his costume as I'd pledged I would last year, I won't argue with him.


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    I would LOVE glam spiderman!!!

    He's too cute for words!

  2. How cute is he when he gets all excited? I do love being able to talk to the kids. Their take on things is so interesting.


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