Friday, May 28, 2010

Ah, crap. It's here.

Today is the last day of school.  Monday morning when you hear a low humming, that's ME singing the OhmyGod it's Summer blues.

The kids had such a fantastic school year and I feel more fortunate than ever that we have found a place and can provide them with such a wonderful preschool and kindegarten. 

So much has changed during this school year.  One thing that has not changed is the obligatory first day/ last day picture in front of the tree.

First day of preschool and Jr. K - August, 2009

Last day of school - May, 2010

Notice the hip?  Check out this one:

This summer is going to be full of sass and assertion I'm afraid.  Oh, but don't worry, my friends.  You'll hear all about it.

Have a great Friday,


  1. Who are those big kids?? William looks like he grew a foot!

  2. I agree, OMG he is so tall! This time next year he may be towering over Drew!


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