Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finding Joy

I'm stealing this idea from Amanda and Amy, who apparently originally got it from Whimsy.  Still following me?  The assignment is to find joy in things, the little things.  Some days it's kind of hard.  If you read yesterday's post, you know which days I'm referring to.  Other days, joy smacks me in the face all day long.  Today I'm having to search for it but it is there...

Joy #1.  I bought William an eyelash curler.  He's been wanting one for a few weeks now.  They make the best fireball shooters (the fireballs are imaginary, BTW) and I think it's awesome.  Normally this is something he'd have to use his 20 pennies for but I know this will keep him busy, happy, and out of my hair for countless hours.  He opens it up, makes a ton of sound effects, closes it, and out shoots a fireball. 

Joy #2.  William's imagination.

Joy #3.  Drew dresses herself in the morning and today she looked gorgeous.  She even had a flower in her hair.  Despite the impending rain, I let her wear the whole summer get-up. 

Joy #4.  Lauren and I had lunch together at Boudin.  She a grilled cheese, I a chicken salad.  We sat on the patio under an umbrella as it sprinkled.  It was lovely.

Joy #5.  Chris will be home tonight.

What brought you joy today?

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  1. Those all sound like joyful moments. I LOVE William and his eyelash curler! You must capture that in action.


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