Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tonight I will sacrifice my sleep with a smile

Tonight is kind of the last night of summer.  The kids begin school on Monday and tomorrow night will be a hairwashing, in bed on time, get a good night sleep kinda night.  Tonight is it.   I think I'm going to let the kids sleep in our bed.  Some parents allow their kids to sleep with them whenever.  We are not those parents.  Our bed is our bed, always has been.  The kids can sleep with us on their birthday and on Christmas Eve.  It's nice that way, it keeps it special.  They are in our bed every morning, but not for sleep.  Anyway, tonight may be a fun camp out kinda night.  That means we'll have fun 'til they fall asleep, I'll get up, do my thing (usually that means watching crappy TV while neglecting laundry) and then I'll climb back in while having little limbs all over me all night and faces all up in my grill and I'll sleep like shit and I'll be a wee bit cranky tomorrow because of it.  BUT!  It'll be fun for them, a way to bid farewell to our great summer.

Do you know what this is?

100 points for the first person who guesses correctly.



  1. I love the picture that goes with this. My guess is that it is the way Lauren took off her skirt.

  2. Kid skirt and don't go trying to trick we the blog readers with your fake points. I want REAL points! :-D.


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