Monday, August 15, 2011

Not just new to us

Drew walking to her classroom with Little Miss not far behind.

Ready for kindergarten but feeling a little "nuhvous".

So happy that Daddy was home today for the first day of school.

The 1st grader.  The kindergartener.  The wannabe.

The kids started at a new school today.  Not just new to us, but new to everyone.  It's a little scary, exciting, and nerve-wracking.  The morning went smoothly for both kids.  Drew was a pro, William was a bit more apprehensive but there were no tears and no one hung on to me.  I'm really anxious for the next 2 hours to pass so we can go get them.  Can't wait to hear how it went.

Tonight we're having a favorite dinner, each got to choose.  Drew chose chicken salad and William chose fish sticks.  When a 5 year old chooses fish sticks as their favorite dinner, it means only one thing.  The mom is ghetto.  GUILTY.

How did this happen?

First day 2009 (preschool, Jr. K)

First day 2010 (K, preschool)

First day 2011 (1st grade, K) 

Here's to a great school year for all the kids and all the parents.  It's going to be a good one!


  1. Hey, tell that "wannabe" she needs to wear some dang pants if she's ever gonnabe!

  2. They're so big! They're big kids now! *Sniff,sniff*


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