Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just 3 things

Sneakers!  Do you need new sneakers for your kids for school, or even for yourself?  I just got a slammin' deal at Famous Footwear.  I bought 6 pair of sneakers, 4 of which are Nike, for just a little over $100.  They are having their buy one, get one half off promotion plus on their website there is a coupon you can print out for 20% off your entire purchase.  You can't beat it.  Click for the coupon if you're interested:  AWESOME COUPON!

Do you Groupon?  If not, look into it.  If you don't have the app on your phone, get it.  I bought a Groupon to my hair salon for a wash, cut, and style - a $75 value - for $29.99.  I'm taking Drew to my hair salon tomorrow to use it.  I'm letting her get her hair did before school starts.  No color, no adult cut, no extensions (all of which she's asked for), but a grown up experience nonetheless.  Should be fun!

I found the best new snack for the kids.  They are raspberried and strawberried and graped out and I don't blame them.  The, "Can we have some Cheezits?" is always answered with, "No, but her is a big bowl of fruit!" gets old and I get it.  The last two days I've served toasted frozen pancakes and frozen yogurt (like real yogurt that I've frozen, not like the ice cream stuff).  They love it and half of the snack is nutritious!

The slogan here is "Every batch made from scratch!"  That lessens the guilt tremendously.

Have a good Tuesday evening, friends.

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