Sunday, August 7, 2011

Puffy and wrinkly and tired, oh, my!

I used to go to bed, sleep my mandatory 9+ hours, and wake up pretty much looking the same as when I'd laid down.  It seems like all of a sudden that's not the case any more.  My eyes are kinda watery and a wee bit puffy when I get up in the morning, I have at least one crease on my face, either a wrinkle from the sheet or the pillow or just from another wrinkle on my face.  My hair is atrocious, not straight and silky like it used to be when I'd wake up.  I feel kinda heavy headed and tired.  After about 10 minutes I'm good to go but those first 10 minutes aren't pleasant or pretty.  What happened?  Is this what it is to get older?

I'm not freaking out about wrinkles or anything (yet) but after spending the first 25 years of my life swimming, laying out, and lifeguarding all with zero sunscreen it's time to try and slow down the damage that is inevitibly coming.

I started using this product yesterday.

In 8 weeks I should look like I'm 22 again.  No?  Well, I'm hoping to see a little difference by then.  A little more rested if nothing else.  We'll see!  If not I'm out $50 and about 40 seconds every day.  I can handle that.

Oh, and something that's super important in this fight against being puffy and wrinkly:

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