Tuesday, August 16, 2011

blah blah blah

Watching a child eat frozen chicken nuggets makes me nauseous.

William, the master of crying and throwing fits, is annoyed with the kids in his kindergarten class who cry.  He claims they are too loud and there is really no reason to cry.  I wanted to say, "Are you f'ing kidding me?!"   Welcome to my world, little boy. 

I've taken numerous classes at the gym, all are only an hour long.  I have never gotten through one of them without the staff having to come get me because one of my children has to go to the bathroom.  I threaten the kids with death if they make me stop my class to come take them to the bathroom but apparently they are calling my bluff.  Everytime.  Damn kids and their potty.

So I think I may be rethinking this whole "OMG, afternoon kindergarten is so awful" thing.  After I drop William off I come home and put Lauren down for her nap and the house is... quiet.  And seemingly empty.  And quiet.  For at least 2 hours.  Know what that means for me?  WHATEVER I WANT.  Holla!

I propped my water bottle up on a ledge at the gym tonight and I put my iPhone underneath it on the ground with my keys.  Apparently I'm not the only thing that sweats and drips because now my iPhone is f'd thanks to being under the water bottle.  I need to perform a little iPhone surgery tonight and see if I can make it right again.  Since I'm not even sure where the battery is I'm guessing that's a NO but I'm going to try.

I'm 2 weeks in to my Strivectin regimine and I look like I'm 35 and spent 20 years in the sun with no sunscreen.  I still have hope.  I still have hope.  I still have hope.


  1. I told Ryan to befriend the crier and I'm pretty sure him finding out the kid got stickers made Ryan start crying...then when I was trying to get him to NOT cry and reminded him how the other kids crying bothered him he said "no it didn't REALLY bother me. its fine." OMG...
    I had the same routine when Ryan did afternoon preschool. Lunch at 11, school at 12, Luke nap 12:15, wake him up at 2:45 and Ryan pick up at 3. It was very nice.


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