Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It almost killed me - in a good way, though

So tonight I did a powerblast/step/weights/killyou class at the gym.  It was awesome, it was what I needed, and it was unexpected.  I thought I was just going for a step class.  You know, like left foot up, right foot up, right knee, left knee, triple knee! triple knee!  I'm all about that and can hang like nobody's business.  This was waaaaay more than that which, like I said, is what I needed but not what I thought I was going to get.

There was one part where this was what was being said inside my head:  "Well, I may just stroke out.  My last statement to Lauren was, "Be good for daddy."  My last statement to Drew and William when I dropped them off at karate was, "Do your best."  Those aren't terrible last words in case I actually do stroke out and die.  Am I supposed to feel my heart beat in my eyeballs?  That seems weird."

Just then I heard the instructor say, "Your heart rate shouldn't be too high at this point..."

Ummm... what?! 

Can't wait to go back.  For reals.  Only 1,273 more of those classes 'til I hit my goal weight.



  1. You are hilarious!!! ROCK ON MOMMA!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! P.S. I kinda sorta hate when people say that to me... ha!

  2. I'm so proud of you! I need a kick in the pants myself.

  3. Good for you and I LOVE the quote about our bodies - so true!


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