Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Funday! I hate that phrase but it's appropriate.

We went to a local place to play, take a little boat ride, ride a merry-go-round, and to get wet.  It was a fun family afternoon, the kinds of days I absolutely cherish. 

They aren't fighting!

Lauren and her new friend

Who wears this out of the house?
Who wears this at all?

This one freaked her out

Lauren HATED that Drew was on him.

On the boat, listening to the birds

On the boat, listening to the birds, too.

Ummm, no thanks.

A great way to wash the dirt from those life jackets off of them.

Love that they went in in their clothes.  They are getting more normal as they get older.

Love that Saltwater sandals are waterproof

Cold, wet boy


  1. I'm jealous, it's hard to get coffee ass or Ho coco around here.

  2. I'd be scared of that thing, too.


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