Saturday, September 11, 2010

Full of thanks

9 years ago today was pretty horrific.  Chris was interviewing with San Francisco Fire the next day and I was terrified for him to even go into the city.  I was teaching 5th grade and my kids were afraid and confused.  Their life experience was so limited that it was hard to see it from their perspective and reassure them.  My family knew someone who was killed at the Pentagon and that was shocking news.  

Fast forward 9 years and I have three kids who live in a world that is quite different than it was then.  They'll never know how it used to be and just the simple fact of having to take off their shoes before they go through security at the airport is going to seem normal.  I still miss getting off a plane and having someone greet me right then rather than standing alone at the baggage claim and calling someone who is waiting in the cell phone lot.  It's the little things, really.

It's times like these, days like these, when I take stock of all I have.  I have my mom after a terribly scary run with stage 3C cancer, I have Chris, who goes to work in a dangerous environment everyday, and I have three little blonde kids who fight and drive me crazy who I live for.  And for this.  This alone today makes me happy.  My littlest little has eaten her meals by herself for a very long time but now it's with utensils.  For reals.  What more could I be thankful for?


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