Sunday, September 19, 2010

We're done. 'Til February.

Ok, I swear after this you won't hear about a birthday party until February.  Promise. 

William's birthday party was a sweet success.  The definition of success can be rather vague so I'll give you my definition:  friends, family, fun, no one got hurt, good food, happy birthday boy, kickass waterslide.  That actually just kind of sums up the day, really.

We had a lot of family, some of whom couldn't come and we missed every single one of them.  We had most of our beloved family friends, and we were joined by a lot of new friends from William's preschool class.  It was great to get to know the kids and their parents. 

Rather than write, I'll just post a picture summary of the day.  Thanks to all - especially mom, Grandma B, and Bill and Ellen - for all the help, and to everyone who spent your day with us.  It was really such an awesome time!

The awesome, dual-lane waterslide.  This was towards the end of the day when only a few kids were left.  It was steep and faaaaast.

Drew on the slide - first one down.  This is the first of 3 bathing suits she sported at the party, btw.

Playing with his buddy with the gift Uncle Cory gave him.  It's always a great idea to give a little 4 year old boy who has two sisters a bow and arrow for his birthday.

Lunch - a great spread

A few of the cuties taking a waterslide break to eat

Lauren wore a birthday dress in honor of her brother's birthday.  The real reason?  I know it won't fit her come March for her own and I didn't want it to never get worn.

More lunch fun.  Notice the beer bottle front and center?  Niiiiiiice.

Cupcake time!

Love the blue lips

Lauren and Nana (my mom).  Love this picture

Some of the Peters clan

Peters with Grandma Burns

How lucky are my kids to have 3 of their great grandparents and 3 of their grandparents at their house for their birthday parties?

Presents!  That kid made out.  Such generous and thoughtful friends we have...

Love him

Happy Birthday, buddy.  Now stop growing up so damn fast.  I can't stand it.

Thanks to Misty for taking most of these pictures.  You're awesome.


  1. you are more than welcome. thank you for inviting us to celebrate the wonderful life that is william. it was my honor to be there and document his 4th birthday!

  2. Looks like a fun & amazing time was had by all. You and your family look amazing, Ashley!!!

  3. Haaaappyyyy biiiirthdaaaaaay, William!!!!

  4. That last photo of you and William is heart stopping! Blow that one up!

    The pictures are fantastic. It looks like a perfect birthday party. I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time!


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