Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halloween thinking, already

Holymotherofgod, it's that time of year again.  I've been dreading it a little because if you remember last year's post (click here) I vowed to make this year's Halloween costumes for all three kids.  Yeah, that's not going to happen.  It's just not.  The kids love trick-or-treating and even though we only go to about 20 houses, I want them to look awesome and feel awesome in their costumes.  That would not happen if I was responsible for them and that's a fact.  I'm fine with spending money on something they will wear for an hour.  I do know from experience that once it's thrown in the dress-up bin it does get used quite a bit throughout the year so... yeah.  It's fine. 

I think I'm one of the few on the planet that does not have an iphone but have you seen the new iphone Pottery Barn Kids halloween costume app?  (If not you can click here to check it out).  It's genius and seriously, if I had the phone, I'd have the app, and then I'd buy the costumes.  I'm a sucker and am exactly the demographic Pottery Barn is marketing to - a mom who is too lazy to make her kids' costumes and therefore is willing to compensate for being lame by spending too much on a dumb costume.  That's me!  And Pottery Barn Kids knows it.

I normally wouldn't be thinking of Halloween quite yet but since we're bombarded with it by advertisers everywhere already, it's hard not to.  And I have to say, I LOVE that at my Costco Santa and the pretty Christmas ribbon are chilling next to the big talking skull and the cornucopias.  C'mon.  Ridiculous.

If I was making the costumes I should be thinking about Halloween, but since I'm not, I'll let pbkids finish their work and I'll put my order in by the end of the month. 

What will your kids be for Halloween?  And are you super awesome and making it yourself or are you lame like I am and let China do the work for you?

How cute would Lauren be as a cupcake? 


  1. My sister and I are making peacock costumes for our girls. Why? I have no idea. She saw it in a catalogue somewhere and thought it would be INGENIOUS! They are basically tutus in peacock colors, a mask and a headband. It sounds simply enough but we might kill each other with tulle by the time we are done.

  2. Carson will be a monster (fitting) and Garrett will be a shark (his choice).


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