Monday, September 27, 2010

Sharing is good. But not in all situations.

Did you see TLC's new show last night?  Sister Wives is fascinating.  Really, it is.  I think so, anyway.  Maybe it's because of my California State University earned Sociology degree, but any person who lives differently than I do I just can't get enough of.  In my next life I want to have some sister wives.  And then in my next life I want to be Amish.  I just think it's all so awesome. 

This guy, Kody (who desperately needs a haircut), has three wives and apparently is looking to bring one more into the family.  He has 13 children by the 3 wives.  They all look like mine, blonde with smiles.  They live this seemingly normal life but they raise each other's children and sleep with each other's husband.  Aside from that, it's normal.  WHA?!  

In thinking about how I feel about this I realize I am more territorial about my kids than I am my husband.  I wouldn't want anyone calling my kids their own and raising them with me.  To me that's crossing a line.  Calling my husband their own is crossing a line, too, but you know what I mean.  The whole raising kids thing is MY job and I take it very seriously.  I don't want anyone else's hands in that.  

It actually is comical.  I think about Chris having two additional wives.  I don't want to say that he can hardly handle one but if he had to listen to and pay attention to TWO more women it would kill him.  Like for reals.  

This show is now on my DVR list.  I love stupid reality and as I said, this just fascinates me.  Will you be watching?

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  1. I'm intrigued...

  2. Amy, you'll like it. I was wondering if you'd seen it. I think we like the same TLC kind of shows...

  3. This is on my tivo. It was on past my bedtime last night so I saved it for some crazy goodness another night.

    I think of this another way. I'm all for the sister wives concept because that's 1/3 less man-time I have to deal with. 3x the number of people to clean his socks up off the floor, wipe his beard shavings out of the sink, remember all of his appointments. I could call in sick. I'll keep my kids but share the husband.

    Amy knows that this would work for me!

    p.s. - Matt would die too. DIE.


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