Monday, September 27, 2010

Penny power

It just struck me.  I looked at the kids today and thought, "What have you done for me lately?"  (cue the *oooh ooooooh ooh ooh yeah*).  I mean, really.  Just because I'm a SAHM doesn't mean that I am expected to do absolutely everything for them.  They are extremely capable in many ways.  Plus they both are in a place where they love the freedom, independence, and responsibility given to them.  Add that to the fact that they value a penny like it's freaking gold and I've got a great platform for beginning serious chores around here.  

The kids have their piggy bank with the save/spend/donate slots and William received an old school gumball machine from Nana  that takes pennies for his birthday.  A penny is a nice reward for doing something helpful for me around the house, don't you think?  What, you're too good to do something for a penny?  Yeah, me, too.  But not them.  Suckers!

This afternoon William put the silverware, the sippies, and the cups away for me.  He earned a penny.  He could choose whether to add it to his piggy bank or to spend it on a piece of gum from his gumball machine.  He chose gum and that's fine.  It was his penny to do with what he wanted.  He wanted to earn another to put into his piggy bank so I asked him to take the garbage around the house to the big garbage container.  He wasn't quite sure that was worth a penny.

A bag with a poopy diaper in it.  Is it worth a penny, buddy?  Is it?

Drew sorted the laundry.  All clothes that belonged to children in one basket, all clothes that belonged to daddy or me in another, and all towels or sheets in another.  She thought that was so great and was proud to earn a penny.  She, too, chose gum. 

My new life goal is to put myself out of work.  Today is day 1.  And it cost me 3 pennies.  Not bad. 

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