Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Balance.  I know I've written about it before but honestly, when you find it at home it brings a peace you can't even imagine. 

Chris works two jobs - fire and running his CPR business (!  He is busy 18 hours a day, and that's not a lie.  He is always 100% when he's home and with us and I admire him so much for that because when my plate is full I can't relax and take time for things unless everything is accomplished.  Chris's plate is always full and if he finished everything before taking time for us we'd never see him.  He's found balance in how to do it all and it amazes me.  He gets about 5 hours sleep a night so it's not without a price, but he does it.  Everyday.  And he never ever complains.  It's just not his nature but it seems unreal.  He just works so hard.  

It's because of all this that I feel I can't complain about anything either.  Wait!  Hol' up!  Did I just say I don't complain?  I know, there are 300 blog posts that pretty much prove otherwise but I don't complain to him.  I have to check myself before I open my mouth.  I can't justify complaining about not being able to find the right colored argyle sweater for William's school picture when Chris is dealing with taxes and bills and teaching and saving lives.  Ok, a little drama there, but really.  Anyway, in all of this we've found balance.  He does his thing, I do mine, we meet in the middle at least once every two days, and it works.  He's the best example of a worker for our kids and I bring in the balance of reminding him he needs to be sure to relax and enjoy the fruits of his labor often.  And I'm doing just that tomorrow. 

Tomorrow morning I have a sitter coming for Lauren and after we drop the big kids off at school we're going to be in the double suite at a nearby spa for a couples massage.  Here's our room:

I know, right?

I've told him I'm kidnapping him in the morning and the only requirement is for him to dismiss all other thoughts of work.  Tomorrow morning is for shutting the mind off and recharging.  Everyone needs it.  I feel a little silly, actually, because although I do have three kids who keep me busy, I am not so wiped that I need to be wisked away.  But I mean, c'mon.  That bed can't remain empty there and I wouldn't want Chris to be lonely sooooooo, I'm joining him.  Then we'll have lunch here:

where we will not have turkey, or pb and j, or a hot dog.  We will have something fabulous and expensive and scrumptious and fattening.  And someone else will do the dishes.

I love him and this is how I'm showing him.  He deserves this and so much more but given we have three anchors and it's a Thursday, this will have to do. 

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  1. i've been in that room before and had lunch there. i have even gone there by myself to enjoy. love it! enjoy your day!

  2. I just clicked over from Marie Green's blog. Our families are pretty similar... three kids in four years. What a beautiful family you have! And you defintely DESERVE a day of eating awesome food and having others take care of YOU!

  3. Aw, I hope you guys have an awesome day together. I thought to myself WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT and then I remembered that I wasn't talking to David. Hrmph.

  4. Oh, and also, we have seasons of balance and seasons of being off balance. Man, it feel DIVINE when things are chugging along smoothly. Way to go!

  5. Marie, we too have seasons off and on but we've been on for a while now and it is, as you say, divine. Maybe once David realizes that you aren't talking to him he'll come to his senses and schedule a massage for you. It hardly makes up for it all but it would be a lovely gesture, no?


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