Friday, September 24, 2010

Ho hum, Friday

Ho hum is good.

I took Drew to school at 8:30, then went back 20 minutes later to drop William off.  Came home and put Lauren down for a power nap.  After 45 minutes I'll get her up and we'll head to our weekly music class.  We'll rush back to get the kids at school at noon and by then Chris should be home.  We'll probably have lunch on the grass in the backyard.  Then I get to leave and go visit a friend who recently had her third baby - can't wait to hold that little girl!  Later I have a phone appointment with my rheumotologist regarding recent blood work.  Yes!  Now not only are you going to hear about how much my kids fight but you get to hear about my health woes, too.  Be SURE to pass this blog link around, it's gonna get exciting up in here!  We'll go to the Mesikan place for dinner and then be home to do our nightly routine of bath, stories, and bed. 

As I said, ho hum is good.

What you doin' today??

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  1. I took two naps and then did my PTA volunteer duty at Bingo night. Now Skyler and I are having a sleepover in her room. She invited me - too cute.


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