Saturday, June 12, 2010

Someone is sitting in MY chair

Growing up we always ate dinner together at the table.  Brandon sat there, mom sat there, and I sat there.  Every night.  We never switched seats.  To this day, when I go home, I sit in my seat.

We eat dinner most nights at our table.  Only no one but me seems to think it's important that we have our own seats.  I have to be honest, I have laid claim to one particular seat and I've made it known.  Yet, as I serve the meal and find myself the last to be seated, my seat is often taken.  I've mentioned many times that we need to have our own seats and place at the table but no one seems to think so.  And by no one I mean Chris.  I love my kids but they certainly don't call the shots.  Especially a big one like this.  After tonight's meal when William was sitting in my seat I decided that I'm throwing the hammer down.  I can't have it.  There is security in knowing that that is your seat at your kitchen table, am I right?  Or crazy?  (Chris, you are not allowed to respond.)


  1. While I would like there to be regular seats, there aren't. Everyone waits until I sit down and then they fight over who gets to sit next to me. I usually choose the seat that lets a kid sit on either side of me but sometimes Matt sits down first and that doesn't work out.

  2. agreed.
    I have a definite seat. No one ever messes with it but my mil. (go figure.)


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