Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's getting hot, let the battle begin

Chris and I play this unspoken game.  Not game really, it's a battle.  A game implies fun.  There is no fun in this.  And there are no rules because we've never actually spoken about it but we do this for 4 months out of the year.  I like to call it Thermostat War.  I guess one good thing about his crazy schedule is that he's not home a whole lot and therefore by default I win.  When he is home, though, it's on

It usually starts with him coming home from work and finding the house at a really comfortable 74*.  He mumbles something and I can hear him tap the thermostat five times - tap,tap,tap,tap,tap.  He's put the temperature on the air conditioner from 74* up to 79*.  I just snicker and wait for him to go tinker in the garage or go to his office to do work.  He hasn't mastered the silent tapping of the thermostat yet.  Oh yes, Chris.  There is strategy in this war.  And I use it to all my advantage.  I tap the thermostat lightly, I close off his office vent half way so that while he's working in there, he doesn't notice that I've turned the air back down.  Strategy.  Round 1 - Ashley.  He comes out of his office, mumbles something when he walks in the comfortably cool kitchen, then turns and heads right for the thermostat.  Tap,tap,tap,tap,tap.  Silly boy.  He may win if he learned a little strategy. 

It's been a while since I've spent a summer not nursing or not pregnant so maybe the fact that neither is the case this year I won't find the need to be comfortable at 74* and will be able to compromise with him on a higher temp.  But then we won't have this great battle.  I'm not sure I wanna give it up.  I love winning and in Thermostat War I'm the champ.  Our PG&E bill proves it. *wink,wink*


  1. No one in my house will touch the thermostat but me. They are impervious to the temperature. I took a nap on Sunday (it was well over 90* outside). I woke up dripping in sweat. I go downstairs and the thermostat shows something in the 80s which is 90s upstairs. NO ONE had noticed that something had happened to the AC.

    I'm okay around 75 if I'm not doing housework. If I'm moving around, I need it cooler.

    GO team Ashley!

  2. we woke up last night to a burning smell coming from our a/c vents. hopefully it can be repaired fast. i will die without it.

    you are so hilarious with you 'strategy'. i love it!!!!!


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