Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is this safe? Oh, crap.

*This is a repost from last year but I thought it appropriate since we're having our 4th of July party next week.  Just a teaser as to how we roll.

It always makes me laugh that people think being married to a firefighter is all shits and giggles. It's not. I mean, the schedule is great. And I know that if Lauren chokes on a Hot Wheel she's going to survive. And he's super strong and handy around the house. Ok, so maybe it's better than I originally thought. Oh, but wait. There is that whole pyro thing. Yeah, that takes points away from the whole deal. Inherently firefighters just have a love of fire. Not just putting them out, but also starting one, watching it, experimenting. I'm not talking about destructive fires. He may be curious but he's not dumb. You know how little boys like to just make a mess and play and experiement and watch how things turn out? Like that. But done by a grown man. And with fire.

This was on the 4th of July this year. William, only 2 years old, took cover in the car. He loves fireworks like he loves firetrucks and Santa - from afar. He wanted to watch but didn't want to be close. Turns out, as usual, William was the smartest person in this whole scenario. Our neighbors were out to watch the show. Why? Well, because Chris is a firefighter and they know that he's a pyro and that he's capable of handling whatever may happen to occur. Chris's antics and confidence around fire makes me very nervous, although you'd never know it by my voice in this video.

Oh, and in this video, the launcher is homemade. Yep, like he-went-to-Home-Depot-and-bought-pipe-for- this kinda thing.

If you're interested in attending the Peters Firework Extravaganza next year just let me know. Maybe William will make room for you in the car.

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