Friday, June 4, 2010

It's lost its magic. Or something like that.

My computer is sick.  Or dead.  Or has a jacked up battery.  I have no idea.  I can turn one off and on, dowload pics, blog, do fb, email, and shop.  Beyond that I have absolutely no idea how the hell they work.  I'll stick to my go-to answer for all things mechanic and scientific and say it's just magic.  The magic in my laptop has been lost.  I was typing earlier and it just shut off.  I did one of those things where you look around, pick it up, look at the bottom, put it back down, and turn it on again.  It turned on for about 5 seconds and then died before it even showed anything on the screen.  This is all while plugged in so I'm pretty sure that eliminates the battery, right?  See, this is why I need Chris.  If it was just me, I'd have been at Best Buy 30 minutes later throwing down cash for a new one.  Chris will no doubt spend the next week tinkering with it and probably fixing it.  Well, regardless, it's sick.  Or dead.  I may not be able to blog as regularly for the next week or so (until he's done tinkering or until I get a new one).  Chris's desktop is one that I am banned from because in all my computer, cell phone, and camera deaths it seems I am the common denominator.  Therefore, I'm not allowed on his desktop.  Whatever, Chris.  Your computer is too fast for me anyway.  I like them slow with a shitload of programs I don't use on them. 

Poor, poor computer

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