Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So proud of my literate kids

I am so proud to be the mother to a literate 1st grader.  She can READ and WRITE damn near anything now.  William is on the road and is what I would say in teacher-speak is an immergent literate person.  He can write and kinda read.  What I love the most is when they write directions for an obstacle course in chalk on the sidewalk out in the backyard or when they drop notes from the landing to the bottom of the stairs for me 30 minutes after I've put them to bed.  The best, absolute best part about having literate kids, though, is when the write notes to each other. 

I'm so proud.


  1. OMGoodness. Your kids crack my shit up! Stupid is still a bad word in our house and I can't imagine one of them coming up with butt hole :D

    I am just cracking up. Save that forever!

  2. I hope you keep that forever. That is absolutely hilarious! My coworkers and I are cracking up! :) You keep us (silent stalkers in Indiana) smiling daily. Keep up the good work.


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