Monday, October 24, 2011

~ mini update ~

1.  See the nakie on the trampoline?  She is about 15 hours out from being sick and is 100% recovered.  Apparently napping and sitting on your mommy's lap all day is good medicine.

2.  See the blanket under the trampoline?  We had dinner under there tonight.  They thought it was awesome.  So did I (no dishes, no mess!).

3.  See the big kids?  They are working on their math workbooks.  They could be doing anything, including watching TV inside if they wanted, but this was their activity of choice after dinner. 
*See this post if you're wondering what the hell has them doing math voluntarily*

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  1. Hey, I say whatever gets you through this tough time then do it! Nothing gets done around here when kids are sick.. and unless husband wants to do something about it then I best not hear any complaining :) Hang in there!


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