Monday, October 24, 2011

crowded vs. CROWDED

Since the stomach flu has inevitably spread and last night was the second sleepless night in three nights of dealing with A Sick Child it's obviously on my mind.  Who is next?  There are 3 more of us who are bound to get it, it's just the hurry-up-and-wait thing now.  Where did it come from?  Obviously there is no way of knowing and it could have been from a hundred different places.  Did we spread it on to anyone else?  It's likely although we were out and about not knowing that anyone was infected, obviously.

It's pictures like this that just scream stomach flu to me.  Since my fear of it is so intense, I find myself kind of avoiding super crowded places more and more.  For more than one reason this would freak me out but mainly because of the fear that someone would throw up.  There really is no escaping it in a situation like this.  But on a different note, can you imagine this being normal?  This is at a recent job fair in Beijing.  The accompanying article to this is interesting.  You can click here to read it.  It's some scary stuff. 

Honestly, my idea of crowded is Costco on a Saturday morning.   Guess I should rethink my definition of crowded.

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  1. oh no! so sorry to hear that.. no sleep makes for grumpy kids , grumpy mama and a grumpy house! Hope it clears out of your house soon! <3


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