Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do you Pinterest?

I'm going to be honest and say that I don't really get Pinterest but I look at it all the time and it's pretty cool.  There are some really great ideas that are posted, in addition to, well, other stuff.  I get notifications often that people are "following" me on Pinterest and I feel badly because I don't pin.  I just look.  And steal.

Here's one idea I saw that right away I loved and knew it would be perfect for the mood of this house lately.  I immediately stole the idea and made it for us.

I bought a frame and a stand at Home Goods for under $20 total.  I bought a fine-tip dry erase pen and printed the paper to put inside the frame.  This is about as creative as you'll ever see me get and I knew I could handle this one. 

This will be good for all of us because it will force me to think of a reason everyday why I love my family (regardless of the chaos and noise and bickering) and it'll be good for them to read it.  I told them it's open to anyone who would like to write something but the message is to the family as a whole.  I am the Keeper of the Pen so they have to ask, it's not a toy or a drawing board, but I'd love for William and Drew to leave messages on here for the rest of us.  We also can't wait to see what Lt. Baby Daddy writes one morning before leaving for work. 

Tomorrow I may write, "I love you because... without you I would have no blog material.  Love, Mommy."

Now go!  Start pinning!  Or stealing!

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