Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mini vacation full of big fun

This will probably be one of the most obnoxious posts yet because I just can't narrow down the pictures I'd like to include and since this is not just a blog, it's also my family diary that I have printed every 6 months, I don't want to leave some of these out.  As usual, I'll just do a pictoral summary, it's better (I think!) than reading paragraphs and paragraphs of stuff.  Since Chris has crowned me the Queen of Going On and On, I'll spare you.  Or I'll try anyway!

We pulled the kids out of school (something we don't take lightly) for one day and went up to a cabin for the night.  We left after school on Tuesday, spent the night, spent the day in the snow on Wednesday, and made it home in time for dinner, bath, and bed on time.  Oh, and American Idol - woot, woot!  We had such a fun trip.  It was just the Peters Party of 5 and that was awesome.  No computers, no distractions, just an awesome cabin, a beautiful location, the snow, and new adventures.

Our cabin - it was fabulous!

The view from our backyard deck

We were there not even 15 minutes when William had already contributed to his chick magnets (aka facial wounds).  He slipped on some ice.

We went to get some pizza (and soda!) before hitting the snow the first afternoon.  This lodge was within walking distance from our cabin.  William loved the pool table and Chris attempted to teach Drew how to play.

We only had about an hour of daylight to play the first day and there was a sledding hill 200 yards from our front door.  Lauren just wasn't feeling it.  I swear there are 1,000 benefits to maintaining a strict schedule and only a few drawbacks - one of which is not being able to cope when the schedule changes.  No afternoon nap means we've got a grumpy girl.

Chris, trying to convince the kids that the hill isn't very fast.

Lauren and I found a cozy spot to watch the others and this made her happy.  FINALLY.

In front of the fire after an hour of sledding outside the cabin.

Sharing a snack with daddy

Before bedtime snack!  We put our boots on with our pajamas and went to find a nice big ol' piece of snow to eat.

Courtesty of Drew, the photographer

Drew woke up earlier than anyone else and she went around taking pictures.  She took a picture of us sleeping but I thought I'd spare you the lovely hair and the mascara under the eyes.  I cropped out my absolute favorite part of the whole trip.

A gorgeous drive to the ski resort

3 goons

The kids and their ski instructor

Learning the basics of their equipment


About 30 minutes in to their lesson, William had the obligatory and predictable breakdown.  Chris went down to give the pep talk to break him through the other side of the frustration.

It worked.

Lauren and I had a BALL watching the kids from the lodge balcony - she was such a trooper all day!

Drew and Instructor Rod on the bunny hill lift giving a thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

Lauren and I joined the kids at the end of their lesson - what a fun time.



We stopped on the way home to sled and play.  A terrific end to a terrific mini vacation.

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  1. Love the picture of you guys holding hands :). What a beautiful day for snow!

  2. AWESOME!!! Looks like so much fun! Those types of days make all the craziness sooooo worth it. BTW - somehow skiing without coats isn't the same...although our high today was only 5 degrees, so I'm sure it's warmer there :-)

  3. Sounds like a great getaway! Love all the pictures.


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