Monday, January 24, 2011

Busting at the seams

This has nothing to do with my clothes, although that's not too far of a stretch these days.  I am referring to, instead, my mommy-seams that are held together with the pride of my family.  I have experienced a very different sense of pride twice in the last week.  My children are accomplishing things - big kid things - and are being complimented and recognized by others and for the first time it's not a direct reflection of me or something I have done.  Before when someone would say to one of them, "You have such nice manners" we all would smile and said child would look the person in the eye and say, "Thank you."  Although that said child is the one who had the good manners, it's because I taught them, reinforced them, and expected to hear them at appropriate times.  The good mannered child is, in the early years, a direct reflection of the parent, correct?  

My big kids are beginning to do great things that have nothing to do with me.  How can this be?!  I suppose it was bound to happen and honestly, I have just about bust at the seams while witnessing it.  The first time was while they were skiing.  I was 500 yards away while they were with their instructor and I saw them break down, regroup, try again, and succeed.  I saw lots of high fives with each other and with their instructor and big grins after accomplishing something they initially thought was impossible or scary.  That had nothing to do with me, it all came from them and the encouragement of another adult who believed in them.  I was beyond moved.  I didn't tell Chris that I sat on the ski lodge balcony and cried but I did.  It was moving to me.  Those grown up kids were mine.

Tonight was the second time I felt the same kind of pride.  During their karate class, the kids are focused and listen and they learn what is taught to them.  Drew was told tonight that she was one of the most focused white belts.  William was told it is obvious he is trying his best.  Again, these actions come from them and I just can't stand it I'm so proud.  

I've always been proud of my kids, obviously.  But this is different.  I'm not sure how else to describe it but if you remember feeling this kind of pride for the first time you know what I'm talking about.

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  1. A bittersweet rite of passage.

  2. Amazing kids...and the amazing parents have a lot to do with it.


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