Thursday, January 20, 2011

I love you because I miss you and I miss you because I love you

I marvel at people whose husbands are home everyday.  Well, maybe not during the day, but you see him everyday, either in the morning or the evening or both.  On one hand it's great because you see him, the kids see him, he's able to help with breakfast or baths in the evening or dinner or bedtime, or whatever.  On the other, he's there.  If you know me, you know I LOVE my husband.  I love him more than anything else on the planet and would scream it from the rooftop if I could.  But honestly, I think I feel that way about him because... wait for it...  I don't see him everday.  I know some people won't understand that and that's alright but I just can't imagine feeling the same way I do now if I didn't get a chance to miss him as often as I do.  I also think that because he is gone for longer periods of time than most dads, he gets a chance to miss us too so he's SUPERDAD when he is home and that just fuels my fire for him.  The kids don't know any differently, this is how our life has always been and will always be.  I also think that's why I really value our time together because between the firehouse and LifeSaverCPR Chris is so stinkin' busy that time with all 5 of us with no distractions doing something fun is pretty rare.  So, if you see your husband everyday and you have mad love for him, good for you!  I'm not sure I could be so gracious.  Love you when you're here, miss you when you're gone, LOVE you when you're here again!

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  1. YES! There is definitely more love when there is missing! :D

  2. I totally get it! I love, love, love having Sherman home but completely miss him when he's gone. It's just the way it is. I think that's why we were cut out to be their wives. Also, I feel like that with our friendship. I miss you when I don't see you for looong periods of time but we can pick up right where we left off last when we do chat or see eachother. MUHAWWW

  3. Oh girl! I totally understand. I work full time and so does my husband but its different shift and most of the time we don't see each other for 3 or 4 days. I think it makes us value the time together and want to see each other. I think I would go crazy if he was here all the time.

  4. I agree. Ethan works long hours. I don't see him in the AM (thanks to the kids sleeping in now) and our time in the PM is limited due He tries to get some time in before Luke goes to bed, then plays games with Ryan before he goes to bed. I've been walking most nights so I don't feel we really see eachother til the weekend. And i've often said, by Sunday night he is done with us and I'm done with him:)

  5. I completely agree with you! My husband is in the Navy. His ship can leave anywhere from a week or two at the drop of a hat, and the deployments are seven months long. I feel like I appreciate him so much more when he's here. I think when he's gone, all my everyday love I have for him gets saved up, and then explodes when he returns home again!

  6. Agreed. It's that whole "absence makes the heart" yadda yadda, etc. Cliched, yes, but true. Occasionally when Cherry and I have been stuck together in the apartment all weekend with not much to do, we tend to get in each other's faces, get nit-picky and complainy, and generally turn into a couple bitches. BUT usually we LOVE doing things together and spending time with one another. It's just nice to have a little separation now and then though. I remember trying to explain that theory to her when we first got together and she didn't think too much of it...but now she can't wait to see the backside of me! Just kidding, seriously though now we both enjoy our personal, away time and then when we're together it makes it all the sweeter!


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