Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the last 4 years what has changed? NOTHING.

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This was 4 years ago today.  A couple things really struck me about this:

1.  Drew looks EXACTLY like Lauren only with much thicker, less blonde hair.

2.  The ponytails aren't really working for her.

3.  My kitchen floor is atrocious.

4.  I still have a child exactly this same age right now.

5.  I still ask, "Do you need a hug?" when someone throws a fit and they all still ignore me when I ask it.

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  1. that is hysterical. love that she threw a fit and then was over it!

  2. Maybe she was crying because you were recording her and she knew you would put it for all to see in about 4 years.

  3. OMG - That cracked me up! Wow! I never understand how one minute they are FREAKING out the next NOTHING....CRAZY!!!

  4. I like how something under the stove caught her attention for a second...then she was at it again :). She totally looks like Lauren! Got to give it to moms who can document these events. I think it keeps us calm when we have a camera in hand :).

  5. omg. i thought it was lauren. until i read further. so funny!


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