Monday, January 24, 2011


Do you remember this post here about Lauren's speech delay?  I'm happy to say that at age 22 1/2 months we have a few more words!  I think we're up to 10 or 11 now.  After months and months of grunts this is very exciting.  My previous post about it all explains the situation so you know I'm not worried at all but I have to say, it is nice to hear words finally.  Mama and dada have been forever but now she calls William "Wo Wo", says ice, more, hot, nice, milk, and the most important word of all, mine.  This is the word that is used the most these days.  Like when Drew has a book she's reading, Lauren will bust into the room screeching, "Mine? Mine? Mine?" until someone says, "No, that's not your book.  That's Drew's."  Then she says, "Oh!" and forgets about it.  This happens ALL DAY LONG now.  "Mine?  Mine?  Mine?!"  "No, Lauren, that is daddy's wallet."  "Oh!"    I am not yet to the point where I regret praying for her to have words already but... I think that day is coming soon.

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  1. 22 months is when I called Valley Mountain because Ryan had 0 words. When they came out at 24 months he had gotten about 15 words in those 2 months! It was crazy. I was surprised he was still considered delayed...Luke has been so strange for us since he had words around 17-18 months. Mine has been around for a while but he isn't as easy going as Lauren. He will fight for whatever he thinks is his!

  2. So glad to hear it! The picture cracks me up. We watch a lot of Nemo around here and Mike and I say "minemineminemine" to drive Nate crazy! :)

  3. wonderful news to hear! the "mineminemine" is a frequent one around here...but from the big boys! lol i wouldn't be surprised if that's one of liam's first words, too!


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