Monday, August 16, 2010

First day... in pictures

The night before school everyone was cool, tomorrow was just another day.  We talked about beginning school quite a bit but I tend to hammer things into the ground and the kids hate that so I didn't overdo it.  I blow dryed Drew's hair after bath (reserved for ONLY special occasions) and off they went to bed.  No nerves were had by anyone.  Here's Drew at 8:30pm:

 I got up 30 minutes before the kids to get myself ready so when they got up I could make the firstdayofschool breakfast.  Drew made her now famous scrambled eggs and I made cinnamon french toast.  No one ate a damn thing, as usual.  We brushed teeth, hair, got dressed, and went outside for the annual firstdayofschool picture in front of the tree. 

Drew's firstdayofschool dress is courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa

Lauren is laughing because she knows her morning are now freeeeeee!

Chris wasn't home from work yet (which was so disappointing) so we left for school.  Drew's kindergarten class starts before William's preschool class so we dropped her off in her room first.  She was doing fine at the beginning:

Chris surprised her before I even left, he rushed from work to school to get there for a firstdayofschool kiss. 

As the seconds passed, the apprehension set in.  This is the last picture I took but her face says it all.

Following this was a big hug, tears, pleas for me to stay and not leave.  I got up to leave and she followed.  It didn't take too much but I left the room with her crying.  Not screaming, not terrified, just crying.  I peeked in a few minutes later and she was standing up rubbing Elijah's back.  He was sobbing and she was comforting him.  She had a purpose and had forgotten her own sadness to help take care of his.  A nice thing to see in her and a good start for her day, I think.

30 minutes later William's class started and he was fine at first.

He even made sure to kiss Lauren and tell her not to miss him, that he'd be back for lunch.

Then Chris and Lauren walked out and I was following.  He called me back for one more hug.  I know better.  But he was fine.  So I went back in.  And he looked like this.

After this followed all kinds of stipulations he had for me:  "I'll stay if you come back when the big hand is on the 6.  If you come back when it's on the 7 then I'm not staying."  There was lots of that kind of talk.  Then he wouldn't let go of me.  I tried to just put him down and he started crying and his teacher had to peel him off of me.  I just walked out.  I didn't get a chance to peek in on him like I did on Drew but my guess is it didn't last long.  I hated it, though.

We picked them up, both with big smiles, and went to Red Robin for lunch.  Who doesn't love freckled lemonade after a long first day of school?

Like the neon bow I put in Drew's hair?  And how crumbs mesmerize Lauren?

William was SO over the camera at this point.  And the lady behind William was SO over him, apparently.

All in all I think it was a great day with just a little bit of a rough start.  Tomorrow will be much better, I'm sure of it. 

Oh, and Lauren and I had a ball while the kids were gone!  She slept half the time, I cleaned up from breakfast and caught up on some emails, and then we took a walk.


Thanks for all the well wishes, emails, the card from Nana, and texts.  I didn't expect any tears from anyone, yet all of us cried.  The ice has now been broken and we're ready for a great school year!


  1. I hope tomorrow is much easier. xoxo

  2. Ah. So sweet. I actually had a tear that Chris rushed in from work to be there for the first day! Thanks for the recap.

  3. I am not looking forward to this day at all! Love the pics. Looks like everyone made it out OK.


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