Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas cards - what do you do with them?

What do you do with the Christmas cards you receive in the mail?  In the past I've hung them on a paper clip thingy or put them each on our fridge.  This year I haven't done anything except put them in a little basket on the counter.  Friends who have come over have enjoyed going through them but it seems kind of silly to just have them there.  Do you have a good soloution?

Also, do you want to share your Christmas card?  Post it on our facebook page to share with other readers.  I would love to see it and so would they! 


  1. I have a mantle "skirt" and it has pockets for cards. I saw some stuff on pinterest where they tied them to garland going up stairs...also a cute table top tree and they used the cards like ornaments. Watch out next year!

  2. This year we strung Christmas ribbon up on the wall and used mini clothes pins to pin cards onto the ribbon.

  3. I'm totally boring and put mine on the refrigerator:(. Boo. Maybe when my babies are older I'll have the time/want/desire to do something cool...until then, boring it is:).
    Merry Christmas!


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