Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not lazy, just content

Despite what some people, like my friend Jay, may think, being a mom of 3 doesn't mean that I'm frantically on the go all the time.  Somedays are like that, but not all.  Everyday is a little different but for the most part, I can find some spare minutes here and there throughout the day to catch a break.  And by 8pm at the latest the downstairs is child-free so I know I'm guaranteed that if nothing else.  Our house is run by the clock, it always has been, so my free time is rather predictable... all by design.  Anyway, on those days and those nights when I am alone and have free time I am amazed that I never get bored.  EVER.  When I choose to ignore my household duties and just sit on my ass instead I can so easily kill 2 hours (or more!) doing nothing.  Nuh thing.  On the days when Chris is home all day and he takes the kids to go do something daddyfun, I can sit all day and do nuh thing.  I haven't been bored in probably 15 years and I'm not even kidding.  I'm not lazy.  I just don't have to be entertained or busy to be happy.  I wonder why some people (CHRIS!) always have to be moving and doing and others (ME!) love life just as much while doing nuh thing. 


  1. Whatever. I know you're up every night until 2am darning socks and scrubbing gussets.

  2. You should title this post, "Il Dolce Far Niente". I just saw Eat Pray Love :).


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