Thursday, August 5, 2010


Drew had a dentist appointment today and she was the definition of big girl, brave, independent, and whatevermom.  I guess I'm used to William who howls like a lamb being brought to the slaughter so I was hovering a bit and Drew was having none of it.  She was sooo fine and soooo over me asking her questions.  I gotta learn to just let that child be. 

It was discovered that she has gotten two of her 6-year old molars and that her bottom two front teeth have a tiny bit of give to them.  The tooth fairy may be here before Christmas!  I'm very excited for that.  She also has a tremendous underbite (not news to us) which will 100% require either braces or surgery in her early teens.  Thank goodness for good insurance.

After every dentist appointment anyone has ever had, we have gone to get an ice cream cone after.  Today was no exception.  'Cause what's better for new clean, shiny teeth than some shugah?  Drew and I went to the Ghiradelli Factory and Ice Cream Shoppe -  it's been open for a while but we've always just driven by, we've never stopped.  What a find!  Drew had a great big, too big, ice cream cone with sprinkles on top and even got a kiddie goody bag with a coloring page and crayons.  Between that, the new toothbrush, toothpaste, princess floss, and huge balloon it was more like Christmas than a visit to the dentist. 

I don't remember any of that as a kid.  Do you?


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