Monday, August 2, 2010

No fevah? We're hittin' the waterslides!

We've had this weird flu thing going on in our house.  First Lauren, then Drew, then William.  Chris and I have been spared... so far.  It comes on so quickly and within minutes whomever is afflicted is knocked out.  The only symptom is the flu, it's so weird.  William was laid out last night with it but by 5am his fever was gone and he woke up at 7am ready for the day.  I thought we should kind of stay home to let him recover completely but one look at Chris's schedule for the month of August made us reconsider.  If we were going to do anything as a family before school starts, today was the only day.  I took William's temp one more time and then packed our bags for the waterslides!!

These waterslides were so awesome.  Only an hour away, created with toddlers and kids in mind but adults are allowed on every slide, and loaded with lifeguards for safety.  The kids had a ball, Lauren most of all!  William is just under 48" so he had to wear a life vest.  That kind of sucked because we just spent the last 6 weeks at swim lessons for him to learn to swim but it did give me (and him!) some comfort.  He went down some of the big kid slides and plopped into that 4 foot pool at the end with ease.  It was awesome.

We came home smelling like chlorine and sunscreen and I just loved it.  I almost didn't want to shower, I'm not even kidding.  I hope my kids will have the same fabulous summer memories that I have of swimming, sunburns, popsicles, and chlorine. 

My family and the smell of chlorine.  *Swoon*

Our day, in pictures:

15 hours before he was on the waterslides. 

The girls coming downstairs, ready to go.

She went down the baby slide by herself many times.  She's tuckered out here.

Drew, with a little assistance at the end

He owns that slide

Loving life

Done with one, on to the next

It's sad but since Chris is allergic to cameras I have to take my own picture with my kids.  This picture proves three things.  I was there, I was sporting a bathing suit without a care, and Clinique waterproof mascara is shit.



Chris and random kid!

Luckiest kids ever.


  1. Well there goes your Clinique endorsement! Geez Peters, you really need to run these statements by your PR people first!

  2. so much fun!
    also I need that mascara

  3. Looks like a fantabulous park!


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