Saturday, December 31, 2011


Whatcha doing tonight?  Anything fun for New Year's Eve? 

Most people don't have to work tomorrow.  Firefighters don't observe holidays, however, so tomorrow is a normal day for Chris.  Because of that, which means he gets up at 3:45am, staying up 'til midnight isn't really smart for him.  More importantly, for the safety and well-being of my children tomorrow, staying up 'til midnight isn't smart for ME.

We're having our great friends over for a fabulous meal made by me (I mean Chris), have a few drinks, play some games, let the kids run wild, and we'll be celebrating at 9:00pm with Anderson Cooper or Ryan Seacrest or someone on east coast time.  We'll ring in the east coast new year so that we can be in bed at a reasonable hour.  

Some may call that sad.  I call it brilliant.  I won't be hungover or a danger to my kids tomorrow because I'll still get my 8 hours necessary for everyone's safety.  New Year's  or not.

Be safe and I'll chat at you next year.  Like, in 24 hours.


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