Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Damn that fat man

The big kids got a DSi from Santa for Christmas.  And, thanks to all the grandparents, a slew of games, too. 

William, whose brain NEVER stops, is in love with it, just as I expected.  As in, he hasn't put it down yet.  It's new, it's vacation, and it's fine.  We will, however, put a limit on it in the next few days.  And that isn't for his benefit, it's for MINE.

This kid not only narrates whatever he's playing, he calls me over or brings it to me and shows me and explains what has happened, what is happening, or what is going to happen next.  All the time.  Every game.  The whole time he is playing.  At first I feigned interest.  I even asked questions.  Then I just did the "uh huh" stuff while I looked on.  Now I don't even look or say anything and it's as if he doesn't even notice.  I'm not being completely dismissive to be mean - of course not!  I'm in DSi survival mode.  I can't tolerate the talk about it anymore.  For that reason, and that reason alone, the DSi has to be limited.  30 min. a day after homework or something like that.  I may be able to tolerate that.  We'll see.

It's melting his brain.

It's melting mine, too.

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  1. Luke likes to watch ryan play or he will sit next to him and play the leapster. Ingest a solid 20 min of no fighting! I meant to limit it after he got it but I would forget what the limit was unless I set a timer. Now it's arbitrary and I just make it up. If I say he can play he can, then he has to stop when I say.


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