Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello, Hello!

Our Elf on the Shelf (his name is Hello) has done jack shit for behavior this year but it has provided great entertainment every morning.  Lauren usually finds him first because she's up at the crack everyday.  She's learning to let Drew and William look for him without blurting out where he is as soon as they come downstairs.  They are enjoying the silliness this year.

So far this is a few of what we've had:

He was too tired to fly to the North Pole so he took my car and flew in that.  It was parked crooked in the driveway and there were sparkles all over.  This was the biggest hit yet.

He made a mess of the blocks on the coffee table and we found him sitting like this.


Hanging out with the utensils

The chocolate bar belongs to William - he won it at Awana.  Tomorrow morning when he sees this setup he's either going to get a hoot out of it or be pissed that Hello opened his candy.

Have any other great ideas?  Pass them on!  I've got 15 more nights to do this!


  1. check pinterest for ideas. i see them on there all the time! have you done the angel in the sugar or flour?

  2. Have a video camera ready just in case William goes ballistic.HA!

    How about face down in a pool of his own vomit with your favorite wine botle half empty? Naughty Hello!


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