Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Don't hate me because I'm a genius

I woke up this morning and before I even opened my eyes all 3 kids were on my bed fighting over who got to lay next to me first.  With my eyes still closed I told them all to get out of my room and go watch TV, that I'd be up in a few minutes.  They left.  They came back.  This time they were on my floor coloring only to knock over the big bowl of crayons and then they took turns yelling at each other for being the one who did it and who had to clean it up.  I peeked my eye open and it was not even 8:00am yet.  I grabbed my phone off my night stand and texted our fabulous sitter and wrote, "Are you available today?"

She wrote back, "Yes, I am."
By 10:15am I was out of here and didn't return until 2:00pm.

I know. 


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