Sunday, July 11, 2010

Taking my short ass to the water park

I wrote last week about how I'm kinda tired of being short. I'm proud to say, though, that being short doesn't impact my life one single bit. If I was taller I would do the same things I do now and I am really proud of that. Even 2 years ago that statement would not have been true. I've found such a sense of peace about how this is just how it is for now and if I allow my life to be dictated by my height I'd be fucked. I've been really thin, thin, kinda thin, notso thin, and NOT thin so many different times and honestly, I've never been happier than I  am at this point in my life.  You can't measure that with a scale or a ruler so I think it's all good.  Tomorrow we're taking the kids to a water park and I absolutely can't wait. I'm going to be the mom in the pool with the kids, walking my fat, white, dimply thighs up the hill at the water park (you're welcome for the visual), and skiing in the lake and in my bathing suit on the boat.  Life is good.  I'm not settling for being short forever, but it will not stop me from living life and having fun in the meantime.

'Cause this is what it's about...



  1. You're beautiful! Remember what that gal told you a few years ago when you were being fitted for a bridesmaid dress???? I do and I will never forget how she made you feel and how you giggle!

  2. Good for you. Motherhood really helped me with accepting this. I would have never gotten in bathing suit without fretting. Then, I had Peanut, signed us up for swim class and didn't think a thing of it.


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