Friday, July 2, 2010

Vacation sweet vacation, home sweet home

I am back from my week-long vacation without the kids.  We had such a great time, somewhat bittersweet, but full of good friends and lots of laughs.  Chris and I started in Atlanta to celebrate David and Teni's wedding and then mom and I went on to Massachusetts, through Vermont, and onto New Hampshire.  Rather than write a summary of it all, here is a pictoral summary.  Lots of friends and activities weren't photographed, but here's an idea of how the week went.  Amazing time away, great to be back. 

Chris relaxing at the Atlanta hotel.  A rare sight, indeed.

Just hanging out in the lobby

My sister-in-law, Amy and my niece, Emily at the rehearsal dinner.

Cousins!  Jennie, David (the groom), Brandon, me

Good friends, good meals.  Lots of them.

I love being Auntie Ashley


Mom and Aunt Debbie before the wedding

One of my favorite pictures.  Jennie and David (brother and sister) smiling at each other before the ceremony begins.

Beautiful bride, Teni

Chris fanning me during the wedding.  It was in Hotlanta, after all.  He's a good husband.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Stepped outside during the reception to sit by the fountain

Some of Teni's family (from Nigeria) in their gorgeous wedding outfits.

Two of my favorite people after the wedding

Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA.  This was a shelf in the general store where women would buy ribbon and thread and shoes.  I just loved this.

A Revolutionary War era home

Hello, Vermont!

On the deck of a friend's house for lunch in New Hampshire.  So beautiful.

Serene garden of the house of good friends where we were visiting.

My great Nana's gravestone in Sudbury, MA.  This is where Drew and Bennett (William's middle name) comes from.

The Walker headstone, my grandparents.  Walker is Lauren's middle name.

Goodbye, Boston.  See you next summer!  And I'll have a 6 1/2 year old little girl with me who will visit you for the first time!!  I can. not. wait.


  1. Glad to hear you had a great time and you're back home safely. Missed your blogs :).

    BTW, I made a mini-video of our butterfly process (it's on my blog). I thought you might enjoy it since you guys had the same experience.

    Happy 4th! Can't wait to see what Chris has in store for your family this year :).

  2. Great pix! Looks like you had a nice relaxing time. Hey, I plan on spending some quality/quantity time in the Mass/Maine area next summer. Hopefully we can meet up and hang out!

  3. Love the Nigerian wedding attire. Very beautiful. Great looking family on all sides.


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