Saturday, July 31, 2010

Belly Jelly

Today my awesome friend Sandy and I took the three kids to the Jelly Belly Factory. (Or the Belly Jelly Factory if you ask William).  It was a fun day of getting out of the house but because the factory isn't in production on the weekends *oops!* we didn't get to see much at all.  We did take the tour but to a 3 and a 5 year old it wasn't all that interesting.  The gift shop is one big fat candy store so that, on the other hand, was well worth the trip as far as they were concerned.  We ate lunch, took the tour, bought a couple swirly straws and and 3 lollipops, and came home.  Everyone was well behaved which makes the day a complete success!  We will definitely go back, but this time we'll be sure the factory is in production.  We want to see some Belly Jelly action!

William, can you see him?

3 goons

For reals.

Gettin' ready for the tour

The obligatory picture

me, Lauren, Mr. Jelly Belly, Drew, William, and Auntie Sandy
I know you didn't even notice but I must put it out there that I am NOT wearing a Jelly Belly t-shirt.  It's the little logo guy on the border of the picture.  I swear it.

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