Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I think being a parent is the most awesome thing ever.  Some days totally suck, some days totally rock, and other days are just days I don't give much thought about.  I'd say the latter is the most frequent with the sucky days being the fewest, thank goodness.  I know I'm fortunate to be able to be the mom I want to be and to me that means staying home and being with the kids.  That's not for everyone or not a possibility for everyone and I get that, I don't judge at all.  I'm proud do be a SAHM, though, even when on a form I feel a twinge of ehh everytime I write MOM in the occupation box.  I'd like to write "raising kids who aren't assholes and who appreciate all they are given and earn" but the box is just too small for that.  Doesn't that sound better (and harder!) than just MOM?  Oh, well.  MOM will do. 

I've always considered awesome things the kids do, make, say, or give as a paycheck since that's the only paycheck I get.  Sometimes I'll go to bed and say to Chris, "I got paid big time today."  And yes, there have been days where I've said, "Dude, they withdrew from my bank all frickin' day today."  I'm always looking for things I can consider a paycheck and often times it's little things like when the big kids say, "Thank you" to the receipt guy at Costco when he draws them a happy face without any prompting from me and things like that.  So really, I pretty much get paid everyday.

Oh, and my coworker is pretty hot.





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