Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm kinda over being short

We visited some of mom's oldest friends while in New Hampshire.  We stayed at their lovely home for 2 nights and just had a wonderful time.  As we were leaving, Marty asked me where my height came from since neither mom nor my dad is all that tall.  I told her that actually when I am thin I appear much taller and get comments often about my height.  Being just under 6 feet means that I am normally taller than the other women I am with but I think the thinner I am, the more it shows itself.  Anyway, I told her that actually I am shorter than I've ever been in my life and by the time she sees me next summer I hope to be taller. 

Today I'm making a commitment to become taller.  The gym is my friend but I can only get there once or twice a week, it's just how it is when you have 3 kids, a gym with limited kid hours, and a husband with a 24-hour shift job who also owns a business.  No sense in beating myself up about that, I just can't get there enough to make a difference.  Today is a good day to start a new endeavour.  I will also commit to using my blog to give updates since I need more than William as an audience to keep me accountable.  

Can't wait to be tall again. 


  1. You got your genes for appearing shorter from me my dear! It's a constant struggle to get tall again. Love ya!! Dad

  2. Only one day a week? Forget the gym then and invent group exercises you and the kids can do together. They seem to like dancing to Grease. It might be "nakie-optional" dancing, but at least it's something. Oh god, I just imagined if my gym introduced nakie dancing classes...I feel ill.


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