Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Being bothered

I'm just gonna say it.  My kids have been nothing but a nuisance to me today.  Not because their behavior has been any different than it normally is but because I woke up wrapped up in my own thoughts with my own agenda for the day.  That agenda didn't include refereeing, helping with shoes, playing frisbee before breakfast, packing a swim bag, sitting an hour at swim lessons, blah, blah, blah.  But really, that is what is on my agenda.  EVERYDAY.  I guess today I just wanted to check out and not do any of it so I have acted as if I've been put upon completely by these little people who have to have their needs met by me, their mommy.  Today I just feel like I  have too much to do to be bothered by them.  I don't often feel guilty about stuff but I'm feeling guilty today that I've kind of treated them as a nuisance today more than anything else.  Right now I've got the girls playing in the mud in the backyard and William is looking at books so I'm free from being bothered.  No one needs me.  Within minutes William will be done with his books and will want a tv show on (which is sooooo fine by me right now) and the two girls will need to be throwin in the tub.  Then it'll be dinner time, shower time for William, stories, then bed.  I'm holding on with white knuckles today for the clock to say eight zero zero.  Today, however, the clock is not my friend.  And I'm trying my best to be pleasant.



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